Health Education

HLED P112 Health Education 3 units
Prerequisite: None.
Recommendation: Eligible for level 1 English placement.
50032 01 M T W Th 8:00-10:05am FIT 744 Kavern D
Above CRN 50032 Begins 16-Jun-14 Ends 24-Jul-14
50033 02 M T W Th 10:30-12:35pm FIT 744 Davis B
Above CRN 50033 Begins 16-Jun-14 Ends 24-Jul-14
50034 99 M T W Th TBA ONLINE Davis B
Above CRN 50034 Begins 16-Jun-14 Ends 24-Jul-14
This class requires daily online participation. Check your Porterville College email account for directions on how to get started with your online class. For more information on how to access your college email, visit InsidePC ( No health fee or student center fee will be charged.