What is an SLO?

Learning is a multifaceted process that includes shared expectations between students and  faculty, administration, or staff. Successful student learning is as dependent upon how much he or she invests in the process as on the circumstances for learning created by courses, programs, and institutions. Faculty, administration, or staff expect students to enter learning situations prepared and committed to learn. Students expect to encounter effective learning opportunities and environments created by faculty, administration, and staff.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) help to illuminate the responsibilities of students, faculty, administration, and staff. Thus, SLOs must be formulated at the individual course level, at the program level, and  at the institutional level. The ultimate goal is to enhance instruction and learning at all levels, as well as to satisfy an essential element of accreditation.

An SLO is a concise statement of what a student should learn and be able to demonstrate upon successful completion of a course, program, or service. As such it describes the assessable knowledge, skills, abilities, or attitudes that students should acquire by the end of a learning process such as:  a course, a degree program, an activity provided via student services or other special program.