Student Learning Outcomes Committee


October 3, 2007 2:00 pm, LMC Conference Room


I.                   Call to Order

II.                Approval of Agenda – No additions

III.             Approval of Minutes

IV.             Action Items

A.    Creating a common vocabulary.  Jay did not bring Bloom’s taxonomy, so item was tabled.

B. Developing core competencies. College needs to adopt core competencies formally.  This committee should initiate a draft of competencies and begin the dialogue.

C. Items in a faculty guide or handbook.

We are in process of rewriting the curriculum handbook, which as it is updated should include information on SLOs. (per Ron) 


V.                Informational/Other Items of Business

Ø  An online resource that faculty can access would be helpful.

Ø  Everything does not have to be done immediately.  We need to incorporate the Web site establishment into the timeline.  Per Dale, the website exists already.

Ø  Curriculum committee at its last meeting adopted the Matrix form and it may already be available on the curriculum drive. Sara was to submit examples on the K-drive already.  Need to check with Sara.

Ø  Offer an update during flex days, so people could complete some course outlines and get up-dated information.

Ø  Review of draft timeline:  Need to standardize requirements for SLOs.

Ø  Include something about reaching out to adjunct faculty.

Ø  Timeline for requiring SLO in course outlines.  Must be done within last four years or steps will be taken to exclude them from schedule.

Ø  The matrix needs to be attached to course outline, in addition to course objectives.

Ø  Dale needs to see Title V language that requires review of course outlines every four years.

Ø  Need to add to 2007-2008 that we need to define timeline and initiate a process for inclusion of institutional level also. We have already initiated a process for curriculum level.

Ø  Change to define a four-year timeline for inclusion of student learning outcomes and assessment

Ø  2008-2009 -  Gather data and documentation on Student Learning Outcomes to evaluate the extent to which results are being used to make changes that enhance student learning.


VI.             Next Scheduled Meeting

Wednesday, October 17 is next scheduled meeting.

VII.          Adjournment


Sub-Committee Members

PE/Recreation – Ron Glahn; Social Science – Jay Hargis; Student Services -Carmen Martin ; Science/Math – Rickelle Syrdahl; Language Arts – Susan Regier; Adjunct – Rob Hodges; Career and Technical Education – Craig Britton; Health Careers – Karen Boriack; Fine Arts – Jim Entz; Academic Senate President – Craig Britton; Curriculum Committee Chair – Ron Glahn; Administration – Dale Norton

Student Representative-as yet not filled