Student Learning Outcomes Committee


October 17, 2007 2:00 pm, LMC Conference Room


I.                   Call to Order

II.                Approval of Agenda

III.             Approval of Minutes

IV.             Old Business

A.    Creating a common vocabulary

B.     Bloom’s Taxonomy

C.     Information for a website

D.    Faculty Handbook

E.     Core Competencies

V.                Action Items

A.    Workshop at District Office November 6

B.     Title V Grant’s as incentives to divisions

C.     Process for approving SLOs

D.    Role of SLO Committee Reps

E.     Flex Day in January

VI.             Informational/Other Items of Business

A.    Books on order

VII.          Next Scheduled Meeting

a.       Wednesday, November 7 is next scheduled meeting.

VIII.       Adjournment

Student Learning Outcomes Committee


October 17, 2007 2:00 pm, LMC Conference Room


I.                   Call to Order

II.                Roll Call

Present: S. French-Unser, R. Glahn, J. Hargis, C. Martin, R. Syrdahl, R. Hodges,      K. Boriack, J. Entz

Absent: S. Regier, C. Britton

III.             Approval of Agenda

IV.             Approval of Minutes

V.                Old Business

A.    Most institutions have common vocabulary/glossary on website

B.     Members should read, review, revise Oxnard Colleges Glossary , make changes and bring to next meeting

C.     Sara will email the documents, and we will make changes digitally.

D.    Sara ordered books – a set of two for each division –A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching  and Assessing: A revision of Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives; A New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives – for divisions to use as references that more current and up to date.

E.     We will create a resource of books in the LMC.

F.      Jay provided some web links that can be added to SLO web pages

G.    Suggestions for the web pages include:  a copy of the Student Learning Outcomes Matrix, , links to Bloom’s Taxonomy on the we , model SLOs, a Glossary of Terms, instructions or tutorial on creating SLOs, Committee agendas and minutes, committee members, institutional learning outcomes, program learning outcomes, a FAQ page, additional resources, and a timeline

H.    Suggestions for the first page include: a college commitment to SLOs statement that relates to the mission statement of PC, and buttons for links

I.       The Skyline College example of SLO information in their faculty handbook.  Do we want to start work on it or wait?  Tabled for now.

J.       We will work from PC draft of Institutional SLOs. Dale looked at the law on AA degree requirements and feels many of our initial institutional SLOs came straight from this.  Between now and next meeting we will circulate Steve’s list, AA law, others, and bring feedback.  We should have V.P. Steve Schultz come to the next meeting and discuss how he created his list.

VI.             New Business

A.    We may be able to reward divisions for meeting certain timeline goals for course SLOs and program SLOs. The money will be available until September 30, 2008.

B.     The money is through Title V and Basic Skills grants that we could spend on big items- like a software program available to all rather than small allotments for divisions.

C.     We discussed a process for approving SLOs. Carmen’s division is confused how to approve SLOs for their programs.  We need to come up with a policy for how program level SLOs will be approved and reviewed.

VII.           Informational/Other Items of Business

VIII.       Next Scheduled Meeting

Wednesday, November 7 is next scheduled meeting.

IX.              Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm

Sub-Committee Members

PE/Recreation – Ron Glahn; Social Science – Jay Hargis; Student Services -Carmen Martin ; Science/Math – Rickelle Syrdahl; Language Arts – Susan Regier; Adjunct – Rob Hodges; Career and Technical Education – Craig Britton; Health Careers – Karen Boriack; Fine Arts – Jim Entz; Academic Senate President – Craig Britton; Curriculum Committee Chair – Ron Glahn; Administration – Dale Norton

Student Representative-as yet not filled