Podcast Feed Generator


  1. If this is a new podcast, enter all the information about your podcast in the Podcast Information section and click the Save Podcast Info button. If you're adding a new episode to an existing podcast skip the first section and move on to the next step.
  2. Enter the information for the most recent episode in the section titled Episode Information
  3. Click the Generate XML button.
  4. Follow the instructions for copying and saving the XML code to your computer.

Important: This form does not test for errors that you might enter, so be sure that the information you've entered is correct and follows any requested format before clicking the buttons. Required information is marked by an asterisk and yellow boxes. This form has been tested in Firefox 7 and IE 7. Use at your own risk in other browsers or versions.

New Podcast Information

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New Episode Information

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Your Code

Instructions: If this is a new podcast, copy and paste the code below into a plain text file. Use Notepad in Windows>>Accessories. Save the file with an XML extension. When naming the file use ONLY alphanumeric characters, only lowercase letters. You can use a hyphen or underscore, but do not use spaces (example filename: arthistory_week5.xml).

If this is a new episode of an existing podcast, open the XML file for the existing podcast using Notepad in Windows>>Accessories. Copy the code below, except BE SURE AND DO NOT COPY THE LAST TWO LINES, and paste after the last </item> in your existing file. Then save the file.

You should have already uploaded all your media (audio or text) to your Website. Now, upload the newly saved XML file to your Website. Give out the URL to this XML file. This is the URL for people who will be subscribing to your podcast.

Reminder: Don't forget to include a text transcript, in an accessible PDF format, along with your audio. You should add this as a new episode in your existing feed, using the form above.