Catalog  –  2013 - 2014


Non-Traditional College Credit

Three forms of non-traditional college credit which a student may request to be added to the Porterville College transcript are:

1. Advanced Placement Program
Porterville College recognizes high achievement by students who have successfully completed one or more Advanced Placement Examinations as authorized by the College Entrance Examination Board.

Students who have successfully completed courses in the Advanced Placement Program with a score of 3, 4 or 5 may be granted credit for purposes of general education certification, graduation, advanced placement in the college’s sequence courses, and for curriculum requirements. A petition may be obtained in the Office of Admissions and Records.

Students may receive credit for Advanced Placement Examinations if scores are sent to the college. The college will confirm the credit granted. If students choose not to receive credit for AP exams, they should inform the Office of Admissions and Records prior to registration or as soon as possible during the first semester of attendance. Please be aware that other institutions, particularly four-year colleges/universities, may evaluate your advanced placement scores and credits differently. See Advanced Placement chart on page 41.

2. Credit by Examination
A student enrolled at Porterville College during a regular semester who has completed a minimum of 12 credits at Porterville College and who has maintained a 2.5 grade point average in all college-level work attempted may petition the Office of Admissions and Records for credit by examination.
Such credit to be granted only (1) for a course listed in the catalog of Porterville College, (2) in an amount not greater than the credit listed for the course, and (3) for a total of not more than 30 credits.

A student may not petition for credit by examination in the following types of courses:

  • Physical education activity courses or sports.
  • Performing courses in music, art and drama.
  • Courses in science, agriculture, technology or industrial arts, in which considerable laboratory, shop, or field work is required unless by specific permission of the instructional division concerned.
  • Courses in Communication (oral communication) unless by specific permission of the instructional division concerned.

A student must file an application for course credit by examination in the Office of Admissions and Records prior to enrollment in the course. The letter must contain information concerning the student’s qualifications to challenge a course. Such test must be administered during the first nine weeks of the semester in which the examination is requested. The examination, as prepared and administered by the division, will be of such comprehensiveness and depth that its successful completion will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of course content as indicated in the course outline.

A student may not challenge courses in which he/she has received previous equivalent instruction for credit from other institutions. Such questions will be decided by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. A student may not challenge more than one course per academic semester.

If a student fails the examination, he/she will not be allowed to repeat the exam. If the student passes the examination, the course, with credits and grade, will be entered on the student’s permanent record in the same way as regularly scheduled courses and appropriate fees will be collected by the Admissions and Records office.

Students should understand that some transfer institutions may reject or limit credit by examination.

3. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Porterville College awards credits in four general and some of the subject examinations of the College Level Examination Program. Credits may be awarded for each examination that a student completes up to the credit value in the catalog. In order to receive credit, a student must be currently enrolled at Porterville College and have completed at least 12 credits of work at Porterville College and must have the official CLEP test scores forwarded to Porterville College. It is recommended that a student see a counselor prior to registering for the exam.

If the student has completed or will complete in the future any courses equivalent to those covered by the examinations, no duplication of credit will be allowed.

Students should understand that some transfer institutions may reject or limit credit by examination.

Students wishing to receive credit for exams must petition the Office of Admissions and Records.

Military Credit

Porterville College will grant veterans from 2 to 12 elective credits for specific service experience and certain educational training while in the service. Evaluation of such experience and training will be made by the Office of Admissions and Records. Credit evaluations will conform to the regulations set forth by the State Approval Agency of the California State Department of Education and the recommendations of the American Council on Education. A maximum of 12 semester units will be allowed.

A minimum of 12 semester units of satisfactory work must be completed at Porterville College prior to granting of credit under this program.