Catalog  –  2013 - 2014


Registering by Web

All early and open registration takes place on Porterville College’s web registration system. Detailed instructions for the use of this system can be found in the Registration Information Flyer, on the Porterville College website at under class schedule.

Students must be officially registered or on the official waitlist before attending classes. Registration dates are indicated in the “About the College” section of this catalog and in the class schedule.

Web registration is available all semester except for holidays and special dates.


The electronic waitlist feature replaces instructor-signed add slips and allows students from an established waitlist to be moved into a class when seats are available. It is a true first-come, first-serve system. Students trying to register for classes that are closed will be able to select waitlist. During the weeks prior to the start of classes, when vacancies occur in classes, the first student(s) on the waitlist will be moved into the class. Students who are on a waitlist should check their registration regularly on the web. They will have ten (10) days to pay for the class once they have moved into registered status. Students will not be charged the enrollment fees for waitlist classes until they are actually enrolled in the class.

Students should use the waitlist to ensure themselves a chance of getting into the classes they want.

Students on waitlists still must attend the first meeting of the class or they may be dropped from the waitlist. The prerequisite, basic skills, time conflict and repeat checks will prevent ineligible students from moving into the classes.

Students may drop themselves from a waitlist at any time. If a new section of a class is opened at the same day and time as a section with a waitlist, students on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled into the new section.

Student Loads

The general definition of a full-time student is 12 units during the fall and spring terms and 6 units during the summer. However, this definition may not be applicable to all programs to which you may be applying. Please check with your program regarding other unit requirements.

A student who desires to carry more than 19 units must secure approval from a counselor.

Eighteen hours of lecture or 54 hours of laboratory represent one unit. The number of units a course yields follows the listing of the course title in the description of courses in this catalog.

In preparing a program, the student should estimate that at least two hours of preparation outside of class for each class hour are necessary to satisfactorily meet the standards of the academic courses.