Catalog  –  2013 - 2014


College Transcripts

Upon submission of a transcript request by the student, a transcript of all work completed at Porterville College will be prepared and forwarded to any college, university, employer, or individual designated by the student. Two transcripts are provided free; thereafter, a fee of $4 is charged for each transcript. Transcript requests are submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records on a form that is available at the office or from the Porterville College home page by clicking transcripts and following the onscreen directions. Orders are processed within eight working days. An additional fee of $8 is charged for processing a transcript ‘rush’ request.

Students have the right to notify the college that their date of birth (DOB) not be included in their transcripts. DOB is a very useful identifier, and students are encouraged to have it displayed on transcripts. However, under the law, students have a right to request that this particular item not be displayed on their college transcripts.

Verification of Enrollment

The Office of Admissions and Records will complete a verification of enrollment upon written request by the student.

Student’s Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes is the official listing of courses. It is published each semester of the academic year on the web at The schedule contains information regarding registration dates and special instruction for registering in classes.

The college reserves the right to make additions or deletions to the schedule of classes. Any class in which the enrollment is too small to justify continuance may be cancelled.

Individual student class schedules are available on the web.