Catalog  –  2013 - 2014


Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

IGETC is a general education program which community college transfer students may use to fulfill lower-division general education requirements for either the UC or CSU systems.

Students pursuing majors that require extensive lower-division preparation may not find completing the IGETC option advantageous. Biology, Engineering and Liberal Studies are examples of these majors. Please consult with a counselor.

All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher. A course may meet only one area of IGETC.

Area 1 – English Communication

Three courses/nine semester credits (two courses/six credits for UC).

  • English P101A
  • English P101B
  • Communication P101 (Speech not required for UC)

Area 2 – Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning

One course/three semester credits:

  • Business Administration P150
  • Mathematics P102
  • Mathematics P103
  • Mathematics P104
  • Mathematics P122
  • Mathematics P205
  • Mathematics P206

Area 3 – Arts and Humanities

Three courses/nine semester credits. Select at least one course in the Arts and one course in the Humanities.


  • Art P101
  • Art P110
  • Art P111
  • Art P112
  • Drama P101
  • Drama P102
  • Music P110
  • Music P111
  • Music P112


  • Anthropology P102
  • English P102
  • English P103
  • English P104
  • English P112**
  • English P115
  • English P116
  • English P118
  • English P119
  • English P130
  • History P101
  • History P102
  • History P104
  • History P105
  • History P120**
  • History P121**
  • Philosophy P106
  • Philosophy P108
  • Philosophy P109
  • Philosophy P110
  • Philosophy P113**
  • Spanish P103
  • Spanish P104

**Course meets Multicultural Studies requirement.

Area 4 – Social and Behavioral Sciences

Three courses/nine semester credits. Select courses from at least two disciplines.

  • Administration of Justice P107**
  • Agriculture P102
  • Anthropology P103
  • Anthropology P105**
  • Anthropology P107**
  • Earth Science P114
  • Economics P101
  • Economics P102
  • Ethnic Studies P120**
  • Geography P113
  • Geography P114
  • History P101
  • History P102
  • History P104
  • History P105
  • History P107
  • History P108**
  • History P109
  • History P117
  • History P118
  • History P119
  • History P120**
  • History P121 **
  • History P123**
  • Political Science P101
  • Political Science P102
  • Political Science P103
  • Psychology P101A
  • Psychology P133
  • Sociology P101
  • Sociology P102
  • Sociology P120**
  • Sociology P121**
  • Sociology P127**

**Course meets Multicultural Studies requirement.

Area 5 – Physical and Biological Sciences

Two courses/seven-nine semester credits. Select one Physical Science course, one Biological Science course; one course must include a laboratory.

Physical Sciences:

  • Astronomy P101
  • Chemistry P101A
  • Chemistry P101B
  • Chemistry P106
  • Earth Science P110
  • Geology P110
  • Physical Science P112
  • Physics P102A
  • Physics P102B
  • Physics P104A
  • Physics P104B

Biological Sciences:

  • Anatomy P110
  • Anthropology P101
  • Biology P105
  • Biology P106
  • Biology P110
  • Microbiology P106
  • Physiology P101

Language other than English (UC requirement only)

Proficiency equivalent to two years of high school or one semester of college study in the same language.

  • American Sign Language P101
  • American Sign Language P102
  • Spanish P101
  • Spanish P102
  • Spanish P103
  • Spanish P104

CSU Graduation Requirement in U.S. History, Constitution and American Ideals

(Not part of IGETC; may be completed prior to transfer). Six credits, one course from Group 1 and one course from Group 2.

Group 1:

  • Political Science P101

Group 2:

  • History P117/17A
  • History P118/17B

Additional Porterville College Graduation Requirements

(Not part of IGETC). Not required for AA-T or AS-T.

  • Education P101/P102/P107/P108, or Health Careers P110, Nurs P100, or Interdisciplinary Studies P055A/ P100A
  • Multicultural Studies
  • Health Education P112/PE activity course (3 credits)