Catalog  –  2013 - 2014


Cost of Attendance

  • Enrollment Fee $46 per unit*
  • Nonresident/International (15 units max.) $190 per unit
  • Nonresident/International Capital Outlay Fee $13 per unit
  • Student Center Fee ($5 max.) $1 per unit
  • Health Fees (spring/fall) $12 per semester
  • Summer $9
  • Parking for on-campus classes
  • Fall $20
  • Spring $20
  • Summer $10
  • Student ASB Card (optional) $15 per year**
  • Fall only $7.50
  • Spring only $7.50
  • In addition to college fees, students could expect average additional costs (this budget is based on a student living away from home):
  • Room and Board (average) $8,500 per year**
  • Books and Supplies (average) $1,638 per year**
  • Personal Expenses (average) $2,826 per year**
  • Transportation (average) $1,170 per year**

*$46 per unit cost is set by the state and may change.

**Per year is a nine month academic year.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides services for students with physical, learning and other types of disabilities.

The DRC is located in AC-115. Services will be based on the level of disability and the academic needs of each student. Students may be interested in improving job skills, getting a vocational certificate, pursuing personal enrichment, or planning to transfer to a four-year college.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandate that students with learning, physical or other types of disabilities receive services to allow an equal experience in education. The Disability Resource Center is the central area for these free services.

Students can make alternate media requests through the Disability Resource Center.

Students with a verifiable disability who are not participants in the Disability Resource Center program, but who still wish to utilize special accommodations should contact the Vice President of Student Services, in AC-126.