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Veteran’s Education

Porterville College is approved for the education of veterans eligible for educational benefits. As such, it will qualify veterans in attendance to obtain education subsidy and subsistence benefits under either federal or state laws. The College maintains contact with both the Veteran’s Administration and the California Veteran’s Affairs Office and will make arrangements for the service of veterans’ guidance centers and for interviews between the veterans and representatives of veterans’ agencies.

Porterville College will evaluate incoming transcripts to determine the amount of credit granted at this institution. Porterville College will grant credit to veterans for specific service experience up to a maximum of five (5) credits. Additional credits may be evaluated and awarded for other military education completed. Veterans are required to have official transcripts sent to Porterville College from all other institutions attended, as well as AARTS or CCAF transcripts. Evaluations of such experience will be made by the Admissions Office. Once the amount of military credit granted is determined, the veteran’s length of time to meet the educational goal may be shortened. The Veterans Administration will be notified. Evaluations made and credit allowed by Porterville College are subject to review and re-evaluation by any college or university to which the veteran may later transfer.

Student Educational Study Plan for Veterans Receiving Veterans Benefits

An educational plan is a form that is prepared by veterans and their counselor which outlines the veterans’ program by semester. All veterans receiving benefits are required to have a completed educational plan on file before credits can be certified with the Veterans Administration. All educational plans must be complete and accurate as they are used to determine whether or not veterans receive educational benefits while attending Porterville College. Educational plans must be done in a timely manner; otherwise delays in payments will occur.

Declaring Major on Student Educational Study Plan

The declared major must be clearly stated in the “comments” area. Additionally, the educational plan should note if the student is transferring from another institution.

Change In Major

The VA will not pay for the following courses:

  • Physical education classes
  • Art classes, unless they are a part of the major
  • Classes previously taken for credit.

Once a checklist area has been met, VA will no longer pay for any other course in that area unless it is part of stated major.

VA will pay for prerequisite classes, if required.

Veterans who enroll in short-term classes will only be paid VA educational benefits during the period of the short-term class.


Due to military evaluations, elective credits must be included on the educational plan in the final semester.

Tutorial Services

Free tutoring services are available to PC students who feel a need for assistance in a variety of subjects. Appointments with tutors may be made in the Learning Center. Further information can be obtained by calling 791–2227 or 791-2236.

Wellness Center / Nurse

The Wellness Center, provides health services to currently enrolled full- and part-time students. The purpose of the Wellness Center is to further the equality of educational opportunity and success for all Porterville College students by providing access to health services which promote the physical, emotional and social well being of students. The Wellness Center maintains high quality health care services by establishing procedures treatments, activities and referral systems designed to meet student needs.

The student health fee gives the students full access to a full-time Registered Public Health Nurse available Monday through Friday and during evening hours as well.

Services included, but are not limited to, campus emergency care, first aid, nursing assessment and treatment of common acute illnesses and infections, TB tests, vision and hearing screening, blood pressure screening, selected immunizations and pregnancy tests. If further off-campus medical evaluation or treatment is needed for injuries or ailments, students will be referred. Referral for individual counseling is available for students expressing the need for personal counseling. A rest area and some over-the-counter medications are available. First aid supplies are also located in strategic areas throughout the campus. Appointments are available but not necessary.

Students with chronic health problems of a serious nature (diabetes, seizure disorder, cardiac problems) are advised to inform the Wellness Center so that the best possible help can be rendered in case of an emergency.

Throughout the year the Wellness Center coordinates campaigns for better health, such as Red Ribbon Week, Great American Smoke Out, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Cancer Awareness and an Annual Health and Career Faire. Health education information and materials are also available on many topics.

When you visit the Wellness Center, you have the right to privacy, confidentiality, and to be treated with dignity. All records are confidential and cannot be released to anyone without written authorization. The only exception is when subpoenaed by court or when information is required by public health law.

Information on the Wellness Center may be obtained by calling 791-2212.

Writing Mentors

The writing mentors are students (selected and trained by Language Arts faculty) who assist other students with their writing. Students may talk to mentors about any writing assignment they are completing for any class at the college. Mentors work out of an office in the Learning Center where they have available a computer, writing manuals, and other resources. Students are free to drop in on a first come, first serve basis whenever a mentor is in the office.