Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Associated Students – ASPCs

Where can I find out about getting involved in student government?

You can stop by the ASPC office in the cafeteria or call their office at 791-2325. You can also call the Director of Student Programs/Athletics at 791-2460.

Do I have to be a full-time student in order to be on student government?

No. Any student enrolled at Porterville College, regardless of the number of units registered into, can participate on student government.

What kinds of clubs are available and how can I get involved with these?

There are a wide variety of clubs provided to meet various specialized interests. Since new clubs are continuously being added, please check the catalog or call the ASPC office at 791-2325 to find out what clubs are being offered.

What other extracurricular activities does the college offer?

A number of activities are provided during the year including athletic events, guest speakers, performances, and those involving participation in community events. The college website often announces what activities are being offered that week and you can also find out by calling the ASPC office.

Is there a fee to participate in student government, activities or clubs?

Events are free of charge for students with an ASPC card.

What is the benefit of purchasing an ASPC card?

An ASPC card will get you into all college events free, and also may provide you with some promotional opportunities or discounts in the cafeteria, bookstore, etc.