Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Auditing a class

Can I just take a class for fun and not have to get credit?

Yes, this is called "auditing" a class. You enroll into the class, but you do not get a grade in the class, and you don't get credit applied to your records.

What do I need to do to audit a class?

You must already be an admitted student, have permission from the instructor to audit the class, and complete a Course Audit form at the Admissions and Records office. However, priority shall be given to students who wish to take the course for credit.

Do I still pay the same fee for the class if I am only auditing it and not getting credit?

No. The cost to audit a class is $15 per credit. If you are already enrolled in 10 or more credits you will not be charged this fee.

Does a class I audit show up on my transcripts?