Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Catalog and catalog rights

What's in the PC catalog?

The catalog contains a wealth of information that students should know including various policies and procedures students need to follow, an explanation of all the support services available to them, a listing of all courses offered by the college, the general education and major requirements for each of the certificates and degrees, graduation and transfer requirements, etc.

Where can I find the catalog?

The catalog is available on the college website at www.portervillecollege.edu.

What are "catalog rights"?

Students may choose to meet degree requirements from one of two catalogs: a) the catalog in effect at the time of graduation, or b) the catalog in effect at the time the student last began continuous enrollment leading to graduation (in most cases, this is the catalog in effect when the student first enrolled).

Which catalog do I follow in order to graduate or complete my certificate?

You will follow either the catalog in which you started under (providing that you maintain "continuous enrollment") or the catalog in effect at the time of your graduation. Most students follow the catalog in which they started under. Continuous enrollment means being enrolled in at least one term, which may include summer, during the academic year. Once you break continuous enrollment, you will then follow the catalog in effect at the time in which you re- enroll and begin to maintain continuous enrollment again.