Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Child care services

Does the college provide child care services for students?

Yes, child care services are provided for parents enrolled as students at Porterville College.

Do I have to take a certain number of units in order to have my children in the center?

Yes. You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits.

Do all parents who are students qualify to have their children in the center?

No. Since there is not enough space to handle all children of parents, there are certain criteria used to establish priority including but not limited to income level, class load, and number of parents in the family.

Where is the center located?

The center is located on the back north-east side of the campus next to the baseball and softball fields. You can contact the center by calling 791-2272 or 2420.

Is there an age limit for the children to be part of the childcare center?

Yes. The child must be at least 3 months old and meet state mandated medical standards.