Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.


I'm not happy about a lot of things on campus, who can I talk to?

Although you can talk with anyone on campus if you are not happy, you should probably first speak with a counselor. The counselor can assist with your concerns and direct you appropriately to deal with any complaints you may have.

I don't agree with a grade I got in class, what do I do?

You should first go to the instructor of the class. Sometimes there may have been a recording error, and your instructor can correct that. Once you speak with your instructor, if you are still not satisfied with your grade you can then speak with the Vice President, Academic Affairs. Her office is located in AC-101, or you can call her at 791-2307 to make an appointment to discuss the grade. She will then speak with your instructor and arrange a meeting if necessary.

My teacher was supposed to change my grade but hasn't yet what do I do now?

Continue to talk with your instructor. You may also want to speak with the instructor's immediate supervisor (in most cases this is the "division char"). If that does not work, then you should go to the appropriate dean, who is located in AC-101 to see if the dean can help with getting your instructor to change the grade.

My teacher has been treating me unfairly, where can I go to file a complaint?

Prior to filing a written complaint you should try to resolve the issue with your instructor. If that is not possible, then you should speak with the Vice President of Student Services (AC-126) and he will direct you on the process of filing a formal complaint.

A former boyfriend of mine is harassing me, what should I do?

You should contact campus security in AC-111 or call 791-2440. You should also report any concerns such as this to the Vice President of Student Services (AC- 126).

A staff person was rude to me, should I just take it or should I talk with someone?

It is generally a good idea to let the staff person's supervisor know if you feel that someone in that office had been rude to you. The college is concerned with customer service and wants to ensure that you are treated fairly.

If I file a complaint against my instructor, can she use that against me in my final grade?

No, complaints cannot be used against you in the determination of your final grade.