Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Contacting instructors

How do I contact my teachers to let them know I won't be in class?

You should contact your instructors directly, either by phone or their email address. In most cases, these are found on your course syllabus, but you can also find their contact information on the college website at www.portervillecollege.edu.

My teacher has not responded to my emails, what should I do?

If you do not know the instructor's division chair, contact the dean in the office of Academic Affairs in AC-101 (either 791-2308 or 2459).

Can I call a teacher at their home phone number?

Only if your teacher gives you permission to do so. You should generally contact your instructor only through their campus phone number or email address.

Does my teacher have campus office hours when I can go speak with her?

Full-time instructors have regular office hours in which students can drop in for assistance. These hours are normally indicated on your course syllabus and posted at their office. Adjunct or part-time instructors normally do not have regular office hours.