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Emergencies on campus

How or where do I report an emergency on campus such as a fire, etc.?

First, if there is an emergency call 911. Then notify the President's office at 791-2316. You can also call campus security at 791-2440.

How am I contacted if there is an emergency happening on campus?

Notifications will be sent out to your campus email address, home phone number, and to your cell phone. Emergency notifications will also be posted on the college website at www.portervillecollege.edu. It is important that you keep your personal campus records up to date so that the notifications will go to your correct contact number or email address.

Should I remain on campus during an emergency?

It will depend on the emergency. Staff and emergency personnel will respond to all emergency and notify students and staff on campus as to the correct procedures. Also through the notification system and website, you will be instructed to either remain on campus, leave campus, or don't come on campus. You will also be informed when it is safe to return to the campus.

How will I be notified when it is safe to return to campus after an emergency?

The notification will be announced through the college website or the emergency response system to your email address or phone contact number.

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