Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

How do I figure my GPA?

To calculate your GPA, you take the total number of "grade points" received and divide that number by the total number of units completed (not counting W, I, P or NP grades). The formula to calculate your total grade points is: An "A" grade equals 4 grade points, "B" equals 3, "C" equals 2, "D" equals 1, and an "F" grade equals 0 grade points. Whatever grade you got for the class, you times the grade points for that grade by the number of the units the class was. For example, if you took only one 4-unit class and got a B, you would times 3 (which are the grade points for a B) by 4 (the units of the class), and that equals 12. Then you divide the total grade points received by the total number of units completed. In this example, 12 divided by 4 = 3. So your grade point average would be a 3.0.

Do I have to have a certain GPA in order to graduate?

Yes. You must receive at least a 2.0 GPA in order to graduate.

Do all the courses I have taken count toward my GPA used for graduation?

No. Courses in which you received a W, I, P, or NP grad, or remedial classes you completed do not count towards the calculation of your GPA for graduation.

Do universities require a certain GPA in order to transfer to them?

Yes. At a minimum, a CSU requires a 2.4 and a UC requires a 2.8. However, due to the number of transfer students applying for universities, students with higher GPAs will often be accepted before those with lower GPAs. Therefore, the minimum grade point averages will often not be good enough for acceptance to a university.