Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.


How soon after the term is over do instructors have to turn in their grades?

This will depend on each term, but generally about 1 week.

Where do I go to find out how I did in my classes?

Go to the college website at www.portervillecollege.edu and click on MyBanWeb and follow the instructions to get to your term grades. Once the grade has been downloaded into the system it will show on your academic records.

I don't agree with a grade I got in one of my courses, what do I do?

You must first meet with your instructor. Sometimes, the grade in dispute may simply be a clerical error, missing homework, etc. If the grade dispute is something more substantive and you still don't agree with the grade, then you may meet with the Vice President of Academic Affairs in AC-101 to discuss the grade. The Vice President will then meet with your instructor to discuss the grade in order to determine if the grade is appropriate or not.

The teacher was supposed to change my grade but still hasn't what do I do?

Continue to talk with your instructor. You may also want to speak with the instructor's immediate supervisor (in most cases this is the "division char"). If that does not work, then you should go to the appropriate dean, who is located in AC-101 to see if the dean can help with getting your instructor to change the grade.

What is an "incomplete (I)" grade?

Sometimes a student may be passing a class late into the term but then an extenuating circumstance, e.g. family emergency, illness, etc., arises that makes it impossible for the student to finish the class. Rather than dropping the class totally and having to retake the whole class again he/she may want to discuss the possibility of an "I" grade with the instructor. An "I" grade allows the student the opportunity to make up the missed work before a certain period of time established by the instructor. Once the missed work is completed, then the instructor changes the "I" to the grade received in the course.

Does an "I" grade affect my grade point average?


How long do I have to complete a course in which I got an "I" grade?

This will be determined by you and your instructor. Each situation is different, but the longest allowable time in which you must complete the work is one year.

What happens if I don't complete the "I" grade requirements?

Not completing the "I" grade requirements is the same as if you didn't complete them during the regular term. Generally, if a student does not complete the work they more often than not will receive an "F" in the course.

Does a "Pass/No Pass" grade affect my grade point average?


I got an "RD" grade, what is that?

"RD" stands for Report Delayed. This simply means that your instructor missed the deadline to turn in his/her grades. Once the grades are submitted, the RD will be changed to the actual grade you earned in the class.