Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Major requirements

Where can I find what courses I need to take for my major?

The requirements for all of the majors are listed in the college catalog. You can find the catalog on the college website at
www.portervillecollege.edu. You can also speak with a counselor who can provide you with the list of courses required for your major.

What majors does PC offer?

Porterville Colleges offers approximately twenty different majors in a variety of disciplines. For the complete listing, go to the catalog on the college website at www.portervillecollege.edu.

What do I do if I want to change my major?

Complete an update form on the college website. Go to MyBanWeb and follow the instructions to update your records. If you do change your major, it is advisable to speak with a counselor who can explain your new major requirements.

Does it look bad to a university if I change my major?

No. Most students change their major at least once or twice during the educational careers.

Do I need a certain grade point average in my major courses?

Yes. You need to receive at least a "C" grade in each of your major classes.

Where can I find what courses I should take at PC for my major at a university?

In addition to speaking with a counselor, an online system available to students considering transferring is called ASSIST. This system provides students an opportunity to compare the lower division majors required at a university that are offered at Porterville College. You can access this system at www.assist.org and then follow the instructions.

I don't have a major yet, so what should I do?

You should speak with a counselor who can assist you in making career decisions. Most students entering a community college have not yet declared a major, but you should decide on a major as soon as you can.

Does it really matter what my major is if I am planning to transfer?

What your degree is in at Porterville College does not really impact your acceptance at a university since having a degree is not a requirement for transfer. However, some lower division major requirements at the university may be similar to the requirements of the major at Porterville College. Therefore, following the major at Porterville College may assist students upon transfer into their major at the university.

Can I have two majors?

Yes, you can graduate with a dual major. You will use the same general education pattern for both majors; however, the major requirements in one major cannot be used (double-counted) for the major requirements of the other major.