Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Materials fees

Do some courses have fees for materials used in the class?

Yes. Some classes have special materials fees attached for supplies a student uses, provided such supplies are of value to the student outside the classroom.

How much are materials fees?

The fees vary according to the class.

When do I pay my materials fees?

You pay your materials fees at the time of registration.

Where do I pay my materials fees?

You pay your fees during the registration and payment process for your other classes. If you are registering online, you would pay online. If you are registering at the Admissions and Records counter, you would pay there.

Where do I get the materials that I have to purchase for the class?

That will depend on the class. In most cases, you can purchase your materials at the college bookstore, but your instructor will inform you where to purchase your materials.

If I don't use all my materials, can I return them for a refund?