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What is covered during orientation?

The orientation covers a variety of topics to assist new students in their matriculation to the college including registration procedures, campus services, graduation requirements, transfer, campus policies and regulations, etc.

Do I have to go to orientation?

No. However, the completion of orientation applies toward you receiving a higher priority registration number in subsequent terms. In addition, students who attend orientation are found to have less problems or issues later than students who did not attend.

When are orientations held?

Orientations are held on the high school campuses and at the college during various times throughout the year. Stop by AC-126 or call the counseling center at 791-2329 to find out when the next orientation session is scheduled.

Are orientations provided online so I don't have to come on campus?

Not yet. However, the college is currently in the process of developing an online orientation.

How do I schedule myself to attend an orientation?

Stop by AC-126 or call the counseling center at 791-2329 to schedule yourself to attend an orientation session.

Can I just drop-in to an orientation or do I have to make an appointment?

You must schedule an appointment. In addition, you must complete the assessment prior to attending an orientation.

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