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Parking regulations/tickets

Am I required to purchase a parking sticker?

Yes, if you plan to park on a campus parking lot. But if you plan to park on a side street, then you do not need to purchase a parking sticker.

How soon after the term begins do they start issuing tickets?

Tickets are not usually issued until the second week of instruction. However, you should purchase your parking sticker prior to the start of the term to avoid the potential of getting a ticket.

Where do I purchase a parking sticker?

You can purchase a parking sticker when you register for classes. If you don't purchase one then, you can also purchase one at the Admissions and Records counter.

What is the cost of a parking sticker?

A parking sticker costs $20 per term and $10 during the summer session.

How do I pay for a parking ticket I got?

You must pay for the ticket at the Business office in AC-102.

What happens if I fail to pay my parking ticket?

A hold will be placed on your records which will prevent you from registering, adding or dropping classes, etc.

Where do I go if I want to dispute the parking ticket I was given?

You must discuss the reason for your dispute with the coordinator of the cadet program in the Power Technology building, room 2. You can also call him at 791- 2362.

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