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Pass or No Pass grade

What is a Pass (P) or No Pass (NP) grade?

In certain classes, you may receive a "P" or "NP" grade (formally called Credit or No Credit) rather than a standard letter grade. It simply means you either pass the class (P) or don't pass the class (NP). In order to receive a "P" grade you must have completed the course with an equivalent of a "C" or higher. A "P" or "NP" grade does not figure into your grade point average.

How does a Pass (P) or No Pass (NP) grade affect my grade point average?

"P" or "NP" grades do not affect your grade point average. However, "NP" grades may count against you if you are on or near progress probation.

Can I request to receive a P or NP grade in any class I take?

You can take a class for a P or NP grade in many of your classes, but not all of them. Courses for which P/NP grading may be used have been designated by the academic division involved. A division may require courses taken in majors to be taken for a letter grade. Check with the faculty member of the class or a counselor to see if you can take the class for a P/NP grade.

Do transfer institutions accept P grades?

In most cases, you are encouraged to take transfer classes for a letter grade. Transfer institutions may have different regulations regarding P grades. Most institutions will accept P grades, but sometimes they require certain prerequisite courses to be completed with a letter grade. You should check with a representative from that institution to determine if taking a grade for a P grade would be beneficial or not.

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