Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Personal issues or problems

I have problems that don't relate to school, where can I go to talk with someone?

You should speak with a counselor. Stop by AC-126 or call 791-2329 to make an appointment. Drop-in counseling is also available during different days and times of the week.

Will what I talk about with a counselor be kept confidential?

Yes. You should feel comfortable to speak with your counselor and expect that what is discussed will be kept confidential. However, there are certain legal requirements regarding confidentiality that counselors are required to adhere to.

Does the college have a psychologist or therapist on staff for personal counseling?

No. Although the counselors can speak with you about any concern you have, they are not licensed psychologists or therapists. The college does, however, coordinate with referral agencies that students may utilized for this type of assistance. Any counselor can direct you to the appropriate community agency that can help you.

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