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Prerequisite and co-requisites

What is a "prerequisite"?

A "prerequisite" is a course or another condition of enrollment that is required to be completed prior to enrolling in a certain course.

Do I have to take the prerequisite before taking the class I want?


Can I challenge a prerequisite?

Yes; however, there are certain criteria that must be met in order to challenge a prerequisite. These criteria are listed in the college catalog that can be found on the website at

What is a "co-requisite"?

A "co-requisite" is a condition of enrollment that a student is required to simultaneously take in order to enroll in another course.

What is a "recommended prerequisite"?

This means a condition of enrollment which a student is advised, but not required, to meet before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course.

If there is only a recommended prerequisite listed, do I have to take that, too?

No. However, since it has been recommended by the division you are strongly encouraged to complete it.

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