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Private colleges and universities

What is a "private" college or university?

A private university is a college that is not in the CSU or UC systems. Their fees are higher and they often have different admissions requirements. As the CSU and UC campuses do, they offer bachelors, masters, and, many times, doctoral degrees.

Are there different admissions requirements for private colleges than at UC or CSUs?

Yes. Even though their admissions requirements may be similar to UC or CSUs, they each have requirements or expectations that may be different. You are encouraged to check the website of the private university to determine their specific admissions requirements.

Where do I find out about the different private colleges and universities?

You should visit the Transfer Center in AC-126 and speak with the Transfer Center coordinator/counselor. You can also check the websites of the private college you may be interested in transferring to after Porterville College.

When do I apply for a private college or university?

The application periods for private colleges may be different. Normally, the application period for private colleges is close to the same period as the CSU or UC campuses. However, you should check with the Transfer Center coordinator/counselor to find out the application period for the private college you are interested in applying to.

How much does it cost to attend a private college or university?

In the UC and CSU systems the enrollment fees are the same for each campus in their respective system. With private colleges, the tuition for each is different. You should check the website of the private college you are interested in to determine the fees they charge.

Do private college representatives ever visit PC so I can speak with them?

Yes. A few private college representatives do visit the campus during the academic year. You can review the schedule of campus visitation in the Transfer Center (AC-126) or speak with the Transfer Center coordinator/counselor for the schedule of visitations.

Does PC ever arrange visitations to private colleges and universities?

Sometimes, depending on the budget. Campus visitations are coordinated by the Transfer Center coordinator/counselor, so you should speak with her about the possibility of campus visitations. Stop by AC-126 or call 791-2329 to make an appointment to speak with the transfer counselor.

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