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Security and safety

Does the campus have a security officer on duty?

Yes. The officers are not full-time police officers, but rather security officers who work in close coordination with the police department.

Where is the security office located?

AC-111 and the phone number is 791-2440.

What are the hours of the security officer?

The office hours vary, but a security officer is available during the day and evening.

Where do I go to report a crime or security concern?

You should report a crime or security concern to any staff member on campus.

Can I have an escort to my car after a night class?

Yes. Campus cadets are available to escort you to and from your night classes. Contact the coordinator of the cadet program at 791-2362 to arrange for escort assistance.

I have a restraining order against my spouse, should I tell someone?

Yes. You should notify the security officer/coordinator in AC-111 (791-2443). If at any time you have any concerns about your spouse being on campus please contact the security officer or any staff person on campus.

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