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I went to another college before PC, so how do I get my transcripts sent here?

You need to contact the campus you attended and request they send an official copy of your transcripts to the Admissions and Records office at Porterville College.

Where do I go to have my transcripts sent to a university I am applying to?

Pick up a “transcript request” form at the Admissions and Records office. Once you complete and return this form, the admissions office will process your transcripts.

How can I request a transcript?

You can obtain a transcript request form from the Admissions Office. Complete the form and return it to the Admissions Office.

You can also request transcripts online by going to the PC website, selecting ADMISSIONS, then TRANSCRIPT REQUEST or downloading the form here. Print out the form and fax it to the number on the bottom of the sheet.

What is the cost to have my transcripts sent?

The first two requests are provided free. Additional requests are $4.00 per request.

When should I have my transcripts sent to a university?

Some universities want students to send their transcripts at the time they first register and then another official copy when their final grades and classes have been recorded. The university to which you are applying to will notify you when they will need official transcripts sent.

What is the difference between an “official” and “unofficial” transcript?

“Unofficial” transcripts are generally copies of “official” transcripts. Universities cannot make an admission determination based on unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts are sent in a sealed envelope that prevents any alterations made to the transcripts themselves.

Does it cost to get a copy of my unofficial transcripts?

You can get a copy of your course history by going to “MyBanWeb” on the college website at www.portervillecollege.edu and printing a copy of your unofficial records. If you request a copy of your unofficial transcripts from the Admissions and Records office, it will cost you $4.00 per request.

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