Questions that Porterville College students often ask...   and the answers.

Identification - card and number

What is the ID number that I was given when I registered that starts with the @ sign?

Since the college is concerned about identity theft, you were assigned a special campus-specific identification number. Rather than using your social security number on campus forms, the college uses only your campus identification number.

Should I use my social security number or the campus @ID number on campus forms?

You should use the campus identification number, not your social security number.

Does the college provide picture identification cards?

The college provides a card if you purchase an ASPC card for $15 per year.

Do these picture ID cards cost anything and why should I get one?

Yes. An ASPC card is $15 for the academic year. It is important to have a card in case you are asked for your identification and must prove you are an enrolled student at the college. In addition, having an ASPC card provides discounts in the bookstore, cafeteria and allows students free admission to campus events.

What is an ASPC card?

It is a card that indicates your enrollment at Porterville College and offers students discounts in the bookstore, cafeteria and free admission to campus events.

How much does it cost for an ASPC card?

$15 dollars per academic year.