Student e-Services

If you are a prospective, new, or continuing student who may be taking courses at Porterville College online or from a distant location, you can still take advantage of the many support services that the college offers. The following is a list of some of the available services. Since this list continues to be updated, it is important that you periodically check the college website.

Student e-Services (Student Services for Online Students )

The Student Services webpage offers an extensive amount of information regarding the support services that the college offers. Within this site, the various programs in Student Services have their own specific web pages, such as admissions and records, advising and counseling, financial aid, matriculation, student programs and athletics, transfer, veterans, nurse, and programs such as EOPS, CalWORKs, and the Disability Resource Center. The web pages also include additional links to important information that students may want to know about. In addition to the information provided, you will find staff email addresses, phone numbers, office locations, hours of operation, and just about anything you need to know about the support services available to you online or on campus.

Although the college does not offer the assessment online, you can still complete this matriculation requirement from a remote location and have your scores counted toward placement at Porterville College. For example, if you live near a community college you may take the test at that campus and have your scores sent to the Counseling Center at Porterville College to be reviewed by a counselor. The counselor will review the English, Reading, or mathematics course recommendations on your assessment and place you accordingly into Porterville College classes. However, you need to make sure that the assessment offered at that community college is an assessment that has been approved by the California Community College State Chancellor’s office. The counseling center at the community college where you take the test can let you know if the assessment is approved or not.

If you are not able to complete the orientation on campus, there are a couple of ways in which you can do this online. One of the campus-specific graduation requirements at Porterville College is the Education P101 course that is listed in Area A of the Porterville College general education checklist. This is a one-unit, short-term course that is designed to further orient students to the college, development of study skills, personal development, graduation requirements, and transfer. This course is offered online, and if you complete the course it will be counted toward completion of the orientation. You should let a counselor know that you are also requesting that this be counted toward orientation if you are a distance education student. In an effort to offer orientation in an environment where more students are finding themselves in with today’s technology, the college is in the process of offering the orientation via Youtube. However, this is still under development but will be completed soon. Please check the website for the announcement when this will be available.

The college provides an online counselor who can answer your questions via email ( When you send the counselor an email, you can expect an answer within forty-eight (48) hours. Some of the various programs on campus, such as EOPS and the Transfer Center, also have a counselor available online to answer questions specific to those programs. Check out their web pages for the link to their online counselor.

Prior to emailing the online counselor, another place where you may find answers to your questions online is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link on the college website. This link contains over 600 questions that students have asked a counselor, staff person, or faculty member in the past. This is an extensive collection of questions with answers, so you may want to check this link out before you email or make an appointment to see a counselor. If you have a question that is not on the FAQ, please forward that question to Mr. Steven Schultz, Vice President, Student Services at and he will include the question and the answer on the FAQ.