Porterville College Wellness Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to be seen in the Wellness Center?

Most professional services provided to students in the Wellness Center are free of charge.  Hepatitis B immunization is provided for a fee to health career students.

What can you do for me in the Wellness Center?

Services include treatment for minor injuries and illnesses and monitoring of some chronic conditions such as high blood pressure.  We offer immunizations against Hepatitis B to Health Career students for a minimal fee.  We can do testing for pregnancy, and tuberculosis screening (for PC sponsored programs and classes).  We can make referrals to community agencies, or help to find appropriate local resources to help with your more acute or chronic medical problems.

Who can be seen in the Wellness Center?

All currently registered students can be seen and treated by the Wellness Center nurse.

Can my family be seen in the Wellness Center?

Because the Wellness Center is directly supported by the Wellness Center fee, we can only treat registered students.

Who provides the care in the Wellness Center?

The staff consists of a registered nurse.

Can I get a band aid?

Definitely!  The Wellness Center has a variety of over-the-counter supplies for our students.

Can I get health insurance through the Wellness Center?

Porterville College students are covered for accidental injuries that occur on campus or during sanctioned PC events.  There is currently no extended health insurance available through the College though we may have some suggestions for vendors of insurance products at reasonable rates.  Please come in and talk with us individually about your situation and needs.

What is the Health Fee that I pay every semester, and what do I get for it?

Each registered student is assessed $12.00 per fall and spring semester, and $9.00 per summer session as part of their regular registration fees.  This fee covers medical services received in the Wellness Center, accident coverage for events on campus, access to health education services, materials, and events, and over the counter medications dispensed in the Wellness Center.